Aléjandro Mendez


Affiliation: Toho's Arrancar
Rank: Septima Espada
Reiatsu Colour: Indigo.
Aspect of Death: Self-doubt.
Fracción: Baudelio Abasolo, Carlos Abasolo (deceased), Kinezumi Aritza

Physical Description

Aléjandro is of relatively average build, but is leanly muscled. His most striking feature is his hollow mask, which still covers the entirety of his face. His hair is dark and shoulder-length, but his eyes cannot be seen from under his mask. He keeps his Espada uniform perfectly maintained. His number tattoo is not visible anywhere on his body - in truth, it is located on his face, underneath his mask. His hole is located on the right hand side of his chest. He wears his sword on his right hip, and is left handed.



First and foremost, Aléjandro is a thinker. He spends much of his time in the library of Las Noches, reading up on Soul Society history provided by the orange-haired master, but more particularly philosophy, both that of living humans and that of Soul Society, and even the rare introspective Arrancar that has come before him. He is calm and contemplative for the most part, and remains so even in battle, wherein he calls into question any number of his opponents beliefs. He seems to derive special pleasure from shaking a shinigami's belief in the justice of what they do.


Sagazigá, an Ancient Sumerian word that loosely means "to break self-faith". The zanpakutou takes the form of a narrow longsword with an unusually wide guard.


"Shatter their faith, Sagazigá!"
Outwardly, Aléjandro's appearance changes little. The left (left to onlookers) side of his mask swaps colours - it becomes a black background with white lines. Also, a shallow blade grows backward from his forearms, tapering off to a point just beyond his elbow. Whilst released, his hierro vanishes altogether, but all the reiatsu it would otherwise use goes towards powering:

Garganta de Los Traidores - Throat of the Traitor

Aléjandro's body is covered with an invisible, short-range Garganta. Any attack that would hit him is immediately transported behind the person who initiated the attack, effectively making them attack themselves. However, the attack is weakened during the transportation. In this way, Aléjandro inspires doubt in a two-fold manner: "I don't think I can beat this guy" and "Are my attacks actually that weak?".

Resurrección Segunda Etapa

Aléjandro holds the hilt of his sword over his hollow hole and utters the release command, which is followed with him being surrounded by a swirling black organic membrane whilst he transforms.

When the membrane fades, he has changed considerably from his Resurrección form. He appears to have turned inside out, his body covered with black flesh with the distinctive white of Adjuchas armour showing from underneath. The blades on his forearms now lead down to a set of pitch black claws on each hand, which are as deadly as can be expected of a Segunda Etapa, and the entirety of his mask possesses an inverted colour scheme (black with white markings). Aléjandro retains Garganta de Los Traidores in Segunda Etapa, but must lower it momentarily to attack an opponent with his claws. His speed also increases massively in this form. His Segunda Etapa also possesses other abilities:

Presencia de Traidores Pensamientos – Presence of Traitorous Thoughts

In this form, Aléjandro emits an aura that takes the strength of an enemy’s doubt and uses it to animate the opponent’s shadow. If their doubt is weak, then the shadow will be little more than a distraction. If the opponent is plagued by self-doubt, then the shadow will be far more dangerous. By using more reiatsu to power this ability, Aléjandro can affect multiple shadows, though they will be weaker than a single animated one. Inexplicably, this aura also destroys any reflective surface within a mile of Aléjandro.

Máscara del Traidor – Mask of the Betrayer

Aléjandro removes his mask, showing his true face. He has a Spanish complexion, and wears a beard and moustache the same colour as his hair. His eyes, however, are entirely black.

He can order his mask to seek out his opponent – and the mask is almost as fast as its owner. If it reaches the designated target, it will attach to their face, and begin siphoning their reiatsu directly to Presencia de Traidores Pensamientos, increasing the effectiveness of the animated shadows.

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