Akako Sasaki

Vice-Captain of the 3rd Division

First Name: Akako
Family Name: Sasaki

Reiatsu: Red. A bright red, like a flower blossom or steady flame.


Akako looks like a woman in her late twenties. She is not particularly well-endowed but she is both tall (6'0") and well muscled. She has long, fiery red hair and icy blue eyes. She is not the most beautiful woman out there; her face is a bit rougher and angular, but she is lovely. Over-all people find her to have a strict, focused appearance—as though she was always giving every ounce of her attention to the matter at hand. Her eyebrows are often knit into a scowl, which is not helped by her Captain's constant ribbing.

Many avoid her gaze as she does not often blink and has a tendency to stare intently into others' eyes as though she was trying to read their soul.

Akako wears normal Vice-Captain robes, except with a red sash around her waist. Her undercloths are wrapped bandages, which can just barely be seen at the 'V' of her robe's neckline and on her upper legs when her robes shift just right.


Akako is easily irritable. End of story. Her propensity for violence is legendary though it only comes out when she is angry. Her unshakable demeanor belies her kind heart. Though the source of much of her ire is her captain, she truly does care for him and has made it her personal mission to protect him.

She is afraid of loosing control and loosing the things she loves. It is rumored that she was engaged to a man at one point… but something tragic happened.

Zanpakuto: Tobu Ryuu (Flying Dragon)


The guard of the blade is a rectangle with feathers pointing out/etched into the corners. The cloth of the grip is red and the pommel is a dragon's head. She wears it at her left side.

Shikai: "Kakere, Tobu Ryuu!" (Soar, Flying Dragon!)

Her sword becomes a bow. The limbs of the bow are shaped like wings with the head of a dragon where the arrow rest would be. She grips the bow inside the head, and arrows are fired through the mouth. When she pulls on the string, arrows of red spirit energy appear. The arrows are capable of growing, shrinking, bending, or turning as they fly through the air. They also remain for several hours after they have been fired before disintegrating or until she dispels them.

Also, she acquires a short mantle with the pattern of red/bronze scales which tapers like a tail in the back with hooked claws clasped in front.

Dragon Fangs: As the arrows fly, she can command them to split, becoming many arrows under her control. She uses this technique to turn her enemies into pincushions or pin them to the ground.

Dragon Blast: The arrow detonates at her command, releasing a fiery blast. This can be done at any time, however, ALL arrows she has released detonate whether or not she wants them to.


She has not achieved bankai yet.


Her spirit is a eastern-style dragon with butterfly wings. It has a definite red color scheme. The spirit is content to sit and watch, however, it will offer advice when its wielder is perplexed or unsure (which is not very often).

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