Ajax Quartermaine


Ajax, like his namesake, is a giant of a man, about seven feet tall. He is bald and muscular, with tatoos covering his body. He has a brown braided beard, and a moustache that flows into it. He has a tendency toward leather. In short, he's a fairly scary looking biker punk.


Ajax is something of a Boisterous Bruiser. He enjoys scuffles, so long as they're actually against someone who can fight. He isn't much for computers, and generally gives himself off as something of a meathead, but he's actually a borderline genius when it comes to strictly mechanical work, the sort able to build a fully functional motorcycle in a cave with a box of scraps. He has some degree of honor, and does his best not to bring harm to weaker individuals, unless they really ask for it.

He is presently under the mental control of Hans Rojak. His mental justifying mechanism works by believing that he needs to find out enough about Hans to figure out how he beat Ajax, and how to prevent it from happening when he inevitably tries to kill the bastard. It's strengthened by the idea that he needs to avoid being found out as having free will, as he now believes that he's free again.


Ajax is a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant, though his raw strength doesn't hold a candle to a seated shinigami. He also tends to carry a Bowie knife, which he uses for many purposes. This knife, grows into Triton, a leviathan with control over water. Thus, his power varies extensively depending on where he's fighting. Unfortunately for him, the man is too hotheaded to often pick his battles where they could be won.

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