Adrián Visangre

Vileblood Mark II


Reiatsu: A green so dark it looks Black. His ceros are the same colour.

Background: An Arrancar, or Arrancar-like entity, that evolved from Vileblood during a fight with the Quincy Ran, Yumi and Tsuo.

Personality: Laid back, mellow, even easily concerned. Adrián is nothing like the thing he evolved from in any apparent part of his personality and psyche.

Physical Description: Adrián stands at around 5' 8", and possess an athletic build, very similar to the human he once was. His face also bears a striking similarity, though it is of course partially covered by a mask fragment. His hair is worn at shoulder length, and looks black with a dark green lustre. He also has a black goatee and moustache with a slight dark green tint to them.


Powers and Abilities

Oceanic Spiritual Pressure: Adrián's reiatsu is awe-inspiringly vast, so much so that normal humans will stop to check if it's raining when it is standing two miles up in the air, at least when it goes all-out. Unlike Vileblood, Adrián can actually restrain and hold back his reiatsu.

Hierro: Adrián possesses a potent Hierro, on par with low to mid level Espada.

Pain-Drinking: Adrián feeds upon pain, and his reiatsu increases whilst he is near pain he himself is not suffering. Pain also causes his wounds to heal at an increased rate, but nothing anywhere near Vileblood's monstrous healing rate. Most average sword strikes will be healed by Adrián over the course of a several minutes, rather than several seconds.

Cero: In corresponding with his massive reiatsu, Adrián can fire monstrously powerful dark green ceros. Unlike Vileblood, he can only charge one at a time, but they are more powerful and charge more quickly.

Vil Sangre: Every time Adrián is wounded and begins to heal, the wound is temporarily cut off from the rest of the body. When the blood flow resumes, the blood trapped in and around the wound is forced out at high pressure, and reacts with the air to change into a vicious poison. Contact with this poison makes those struck by it feel all the pain they have ever felt in their lives, plus all the pain they have ever inflicted at once, but at double strength. This will typically reduce even the most resolute opponent to a screaming wreck for a period of time best measured in days.

Ola de Agonía: Adrián wounds his forearm, and lets the blood flow to his palm. There, it is turned into an orb, and a cero is charged around it. The attack is held upward, then radiates outward in a spherical pulse. It is as damaging as one of his ceros, and carries with it half-strength Vil Sangre.

Sonido: Adrián possesses a deal of skill with his sonido, and his speed is what would be expected of an individual with such a large reiatsu. He is exceptionally fast, and his reaction time surpasses his own speed.

Dolor Nulo - Pain Null: Adrián possess a pain-related ability that Vileblood did not. He is able to remove the pain and emotional suffering from an individual and take it into himself, possibly to feed on like Vileblood did, without causing any additional pain. The individual effected will find their pains relieved. In the case of painful memories, the memory is still there, but it no longer has the negative connotations the subject previously associated with it.

Hulàmdim - "Existence of Pain"

Much like Uslimahara, Hulàmdim is a Western bastard sword, though the grip is made of steel, not bone, and bound in dark green leather.

Shikai: Lugaduàm, Hulàmdim – “Be an unfortunate necessity, Hulàmdim”
The zanpakutou's fuller narrows to roughly 2.5mm in width, and runs down to the very tip of the sword. At will, Adrián can fire a needle down either fuller. On contact, the needle delivers a painkiller that suppresses any and all pain the target would otherwise suffer for the next two hours.

Minagir: Aste Su-gid - Second Stage: Necessity's Dues
Upon uttering this command, the leather on Hulàmdim's hilt turns from dark green to a deep red. The needles produced by the sword no longer release a painkiller. Instead, they are coated in a substance that utterly negates any painkiller's the in the target's system, as well as doubling the pain felt from all current wounds.

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