Affiliation: Von Geister
Rank: Números (43)
Reiatsu Colour: Dark Orchid


Acaxochitl is rather short and rather thin. Her hair is purple matching the pair of boots she has on (don't ask where she got them.) For her uniform she has customized it with a some what of a short skirt, and a personal poach (for storing medical aids such as stitches and a few needles of Novocain plus a surgical knife and more.)


Acaxochitl is surprising quite quiet and self reserve and a bit skittish however, she will go out of her way at great speed if Arrancar is damaged so she may mend who ever requires it. How ever she is not without faults she tends to be naive and ignorant of allot of things but this mostly due to the fact she became an Arrancar rather recent.


Acaxochitl was never close combat orientated even as a hollow. As a hollow her primary method of defense was fleeing and attracting male hollows to her location with a strange sticky liquid she could spew up. As an Arrancar her abilities were much more suited at defending and support one being an ability to heal others. In life as a human she was a nurse during the American Vietnam war where she met quite an unfortunate death.

Arrancar Skills and Abilities

Garuganta: Able to make an medium sized Garuganta
Hierro Relatively weak on the majority of her body with the exception of her hands
Pesquisa Acaxochitl uses her tongue to taste the air to detect spiritual pressure
Cero Acaxochitl uses both her arms to weave a Cero that's equivalent to that of a Gillian
Bala Acaxochitl spews these from her mouth at a high rate of fire (much weaker then an average bala.)
Sonído The one Arrancar ability Acaxochitl has mastered as she move swiftly into one direction not having to stop until she needs to change directions or stop.


While sealed this Zanpaktou is a what appears to be a bone saw. Nothing else to say.



Acaxochitl spews out a stingy ooze which allows cells to regenerate at an accelerated rate to heal scars and open wounds also acting as a glue for attaching limbs back together (allowing nerves to reconnect and such.

"Smells like honey"

Acaxochitl spews out a liquid that attracts hollows (To Arrancar it smells like honey.)


Acaxochitl quickly makes a large hole in the ground with her bare hands. (This is a comic relief thing and really isn't supposed to be taken seriously.)

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