Aayan Sabbath

Aayan Sabbath
Quincy: Knight Templar
Reiatsu: Blue

Appearance: Aayan is a dark-skinned man of indeterminate age, with a shaven head and a quiet grin on his face at almost all times. His face is covered in laughter lines and also a few scars. He doesn't wear the usual Japanese Quincy uniform, instead always appearing in dirty old grey robes, made of rough canvas, which no doubt earns him odd looks amongst the general populace.

Personality and History: Aayan is the last remaining member of the Knights Templar - not the Masonic Knights Templar, but the originals. They were a splinter group of Quincy who believed that their Quincy powers were granted to them by God, and that the Hollows were demons from Hell. It should be noted that the Knights Templar refused to learn how to "purify" Hollows rather than destroy them permanently, as this went against their beliefs that demons must be annihilated completely, and thus the Shinigami were forced to wipe them out towards the end of the war. Only Aayan survived, thanks to an innate common sense that stopped him offering himself up for martyrdom like his brothers-in-arms. Instead, he hid, and has since those days travelled the world destroying Hollows wherever he sees them. Aayan is relaxed, laid-back, usually solemn, and utterly devoted to God in his own quiet way.

Quincy Bangle: Aayan’s Quincy bangle appears as a simple, battered brass crucifix which hangs around his neck at all times. When activated, his bow appears as - gasp - a normal Quincy bow.

Powers: Being a Knight Templar Quincy, Aayan's shots destroy souls, and thus prevent regeneration in much the same way Ran's do. However, Aayan's reiatsu and the power behind his shots are rather weak - he makes up for this through two things. He is an unrivalled master of Hirenkyaku (the Quincy equivalent of Shunpo). And he is what one would call a "sharpshooter." He can activate and shoot his bow in a quarter of a second flat, and despite this incredible speed, still manage to shoot the wings off the back of a fly.

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