7th Division

Seventh Division is also commonly known as the Logistics Division and proves to be efficient at the task despite the rowdy behavior of the delinquents that call the 7th home. Maybe it's simple the influence of the new captain, but shinigami who rankle under authority or don't seem to fit with any other Division will usually end up in the 7th which has given the Division a bit of an unsavory reputation as a home for shinigami-criminals. Some of those are obviously true, but mostly false.
The 7th Division also has strong ties to the Shinigami Woman's Association, probably because the captain is the founder, and a fair portion of it's number are female shinigami with membership in the Association. All this usually means is that there are frequent 'invite-only' parties in the Division's training area that have been known to spill out into the Seireitei proper to disastrous results for the surrounding terrain. The SWA has yet to tackle any serious issue, though they are on the agenda.

Basic Stats and Description

Division Size: ~800. 20 seated officers. 720 unseated.

Division Training Levels: The power of any individual un-seated 7th Division member is likely to be a bit on the low side when compared to other divisions. Seated officers are the exception to the rule and tend to be on the higher end of strength for seated officers. This is likely to having much more exposure to Tai then anyone else and having to put up with her mood swings and violence on a regular basis. Those who aren't tough enough to make the cut are sent to other divisions. The one area that 7th division seems to excel at above any other Division, especially considering the smattering of abilities the Division members possess instead of focusing on one aspect of shinigami combat, is in raw endurance. If anyone can take a beating, then it's a member of the 7th Division and the most preferred combat style (aside from fighting dirty) is to wear the opponent out before making their move.


Monitor Travel Between the Seireitei and the Rukon: One of the foremost duties of the 7th Division is to keep accurate tabs on who travels between the Seireitei and the Rukon and when, in order to have an accurate idea of who might be in either place at any given time. To date, their records are fairly accurate but it's a nightmare to keep track of highly seated officers who can simply bypass 7th Division checkpoints with little difficulty.

Facilitate Travel Between the Seireitei and the Rukon: Not everyone can just shunpo from place to place, even among the shinigami, and those who can't have to throw themselves on the mercy of the 7th Division in order to travel long distances. Between maintaining roads, organizing shipments to the districts of the Rukon, and handling the transportation duties of important non-shinigami, the 7th Division has a small army of wagons, rickshaws, boats, and horses that also play into their final duty.

Supply: If the shinigami would ever, in mass, go to war then it would be 7th Division that monitors the supply lines and keeps the logistics of battle up-to-date and ready for viewing. Obviously they haven't been used in this function in quite some time but that doesn't mean that they've grown rusty at this duty either. If war ever comes, 7th Division has numerous plans for quickly establishing lines of retreat, bottlenecks, supply lines, redoubts, and impromptu camps for the 4th Division.

Skills Emphasized: No one skill is overly emphasized in the 7th Division other then being able to use what is available to win. Improvisation is more highly regarded then one's shikai and those who disdain the traditional concepts of honor and fairplay can rise quickly in the 7th. That said, a smattering of all the forms of shinigami combat is expected of all seated officers and those who slack off can't rely on having served in a position for a long time to save them. Because of this, the 7th Division does it's best to keep up-to-date on new techniques in shinigami combat, inventions of the 12th division, and have at times even begged the Kido Corp to teach them forbidden kido. The last is, obviously, never granted.

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