6th Division

The Sixth Division is the Seireitei's reinforcement squad, serving to assist and back up other squads in their duties when they need aid in larger activities. It is fairly generalized in its makeup, boasting specialists in practically every field.

Basic Stats and Description

Captain: Shiaki Koujin
Vice Captain: Damara Shishihara

Division Size: ~ 550. 20 Seated Officers, 100 Squad Leaders, and ~530 unseated.

Division Training: 6th Division has approximately average levels of training. Seated officers and leadership are generally comparable to those in other divisions, and unseated almost always have at least some experience. All seated members have shikai, as well as a suprising number of unseated (~50). Due to their position as support, the sixth division has instated a training routine with emphasis on achieving first release, in order to be able to aid in a larger variety of ways.


The Sixth Division is the reinforcement division, providing assistance to other squads in times of need.

Combat Abilities

General Strength: Sixth Division members usually have some combat skill, and many have experience in a variety of jobs as they are usually circulated between other divisions. The biggest strength the Sixth Division possesses is its wide variety of skills; it has at least ten specialists in every area shinigami training. Additionally, they have a very efficient chain of command, being another of the squad's strengths.

Emphasized Abilities: The Sixth Division has the widest range of specialists in the Gotei 13, and the highest number of generalists out of any division. This enables them to handle a wider range of circumstances than their more dedicated counterparts, and the efficient leadership structure enables these specialists to be deployed exactly where needed. Tactical skill is a major consideration when for officer positions in the Sixth Division; personal ability coming only slightly ahead. The Sixth Division also has a tendency to gain shinigami from other squads who have proved less than useful. Often, they are loaned back to their former squad once they've been appropriately 'corrected' of their former failings.

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