13th. Division

Basic Stats and Description

Division Size: ~1000. 20 seated officers. 180 Squad Leaders. 800 unranked unseated.

Division Training Levels: The power of any individual 13th Division member is highly variable. Seated officers are roughly equivalent to their counterparts in other divisions, with the important exception of Yori Chie, who attained her rank for other reasons. Squad Leaders are highly experienced, to nearly seated officer strength, while many of the unranked unseated are relatively green. This high variance is due to the large size of the Division, which needs the numbers in order to patrol the entirety of Japan


Protection of the Mortal World: Above all else, the 13th Division is dedicated to preservation of mortal life. They take on almost all normal Hollow patrols.

Combat Abilities

General Strength: Due to regular, actual combat experience against the powerful foes that the Mortal World has to offer, many of the 13th Division are quite powerful. Squad Leaders are held to a high standard, in order to be able to protect the less experienced members under their command. Seated officers are expected to be able to hold back gillian-class opponents, at least long enough for backup to arrive. The Captain and Vice Captain are typically required to be considerably stronger, as they usually are the backup. Since his ascension to Captain, Siegfried has been looking for a shinigami who can serve for this part of the Vice Captain functionality.

Skills Emphasized: Seated officers and squad leaders are expected to have good battlefield communication skills. This usually means either a thorough mastery of Hell Butterflies or basic ability with Tenteikura. Beyond that, as long as the individual is strong enough to get the job done with minimal casualties, the 13th Division is flexible. The "with minimal casualties" part, however, does mean that those who focus on kido are encouraged to thoroughly master low-level techniques before learning higher level ones, to avoid collateral damage.

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